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This is a simple blog. Its about our life. Thanks for reading!

so much love!

autumn in MN

We took a trip to an apple orchard a couple weeks ago and had a blast! There were so many fun things to do and the weather was perfectly fall.


We're still here in Minnesota. Moses turned two on September 26. I'll have to get some pictures together. Its a little difficult for me to get online now. But I'll get you in the loop one day!!

6 months!

My Elie Grace is 6 month old! She is so amazing. She laughs and smiles all the time and is such a sweet little baby its hard to put her down all day long. Enjoy these photos...there's nothing cuter!

overdue update!!

My mom came to visit us a little over a week ago and it was such a wonderful time. We got to go to the zoo, have a birthday for Moses, and just have some quality play time together. It was so refreshing to have someone familiar around and also some help during the day! Here are a few of our photos from Moses' birthday trip to the zoo:

sleeping beauty

she's growing growing growing!

Girly girl!

The inner girly girl in me has come out since I had a baby girl. I'm all about accessories and pink and cute things for Elie. My college roomate has always been this way and when we lived together definitely influenced me. She has introduced me to a website that makes the Cutest hair accessories for girls. A Christmas present for Elie maybe?
Moses is fully potty trained!! It was like magic. I put him through potty bootcamp and he decided he did not like being wet. So, now he uses the potty. He even sleeps with no diaper!! The first couple nights he woke up in the night saying, "mama, mama, potty, hurts, potty" so i took him, he went and he then went back to sleep. It was amazing. He's not so keen on public potties, but then who really is. But he's good at holding it, almost too good.
I'm so proud of him and he's just soo cute!

Silly time!

We have been having a lot of serious time and stressful time. But just before bedtime is when the silliness comes out! We have baths and then its onto the bed for storytime and cuddling. Its my favorite time of the day when we all get to be together and love each other.

I BAKED!!! I baked and it worked! I made this cake of blocks for Haven's first birthday and was so pleased at the way it came out.

This is me on my birthday. Mike took me to my favorite pizza place in Minneapolis. We had such a fun date! We went to the sculpture garden (the cherry on the spoon) and walked around without our kids! I love birthdays and am so thankful for my life and all the people that make it wonderful!

Here are some pictures of our amazing family!! We got to meet with one of my greatest friends/college roommate who lives in wisconsin. It was so much fun to see her and her family. She has two kids almost the exact ages of moses and Elie. Her husband took these pictures of us.

Sylas and Moses


Special Day

Yesterday was a special day. This is a photo of four generations! Yesterday was my grandma's birthday! I always feel so special when I talk to her or am with her. She is an amazing, hard-working woman and I love her. She is also my most faithful reader. So I want to say, Happy Birthday Bamma!!! I love you!!

scrunchy nose!

So, Elie has this runny little nose and she keeps trying to clear it and making this face!! It is sooo funny. There is a picture of my mom holding me as a baby and I'm making this same exact face! I love it!

Joy and Shaun Maternity photos

This is Joy and Shaun. I took their wedding and engagement pictures last year and now a baby!! I'm sad I won't be able to photograph their new baby. Congrats guys!!


Here are a few pictures from our trip up to MN!!! Mike got a job today at an ice arena, Praise the Lord!!!

We Made It!

Well, we made it here to MN a few days ago and everything went well. We stopped twice on the way up, making our trip three days of driving! Moses and Elie did so well driving. Elie slept almost the entire time and Moses played and slept and ate bags of chips! Our "basement home" is great, and we're enjoying living with our friends mike and keri. Moses Loves having five other brothers and sisters to play with. He keeps asking about grandma and paw paw and mi mi and papa and "Nonna" and jesse and jayden. Its cute. I'll post some pictures of our place soon, our computer won't connect right now so I'll have to do it when it starts working again.


Follow us!!

We are going to try to blog our way to MN!! So, all of you can feel like you're part of the ride...without entertaining Moses! Check back with us on July 2 as we leave at 4:30am on our way to the Good North!!


Here's my cute little Elie in her gdiaper! I've been using them for about a month now and really love them! Check them out at

don't judge me!

That tuna casserole I made almost two months ago, I wrote about it here is definitely still in my refrigerator. ? gross.

A New Layout!

I finally figured out how to make my blog look AWESOME!!! I hope you like it, fans!
and here are some pictures to compliment it:


If you haven't heard of gDiapers you HAVE to check them out here
I ordered a starter kit about three weeks ago and have been using them ever since. The diapers are cloth with a water-proof snap-in liner and flushable/compostable/non-landfilling inserts!! When I ordered my kit I knew that I couldn't afford the disposable liners all the time, so I also got some microfiber cloth inserts from happy heiny and they work flawlessly!

I'll post some pictures of my cute little "g baby" soon!!

I just can't get it done!

I'm trying so hard to pack our house up. I just keep getting distracted by my life! Moses is a little needy right now, I think he's getting teeth. If they would just come on in and get it over with it would be a lot easier. But its taking forever! Elie is still the most amazing and happy baby I have ever met. She sleeps, eats, swings gets loved on by Moses and that's her day.
Anyway, distracted again, our apartment is full of boxes and junk is everywhere. I hate it! I keep praying for Jesus to lead me on what to keep and what to get rid of. He is showing me, its just taking a while.
So, back to packing for me!


When I was in college I had a job where I rode into the city everyday with three or four friends. Some days we had story time and made up the word "remeniscions" we would talk about favorite memories of our times together. Sometimes it was ridiculous, but it was always fun!! Here are some for you

These are our engagement photos taken by my friend Jessica. Oh the days of being young and free (and thin)!!

Photo shoot!!

Our Elie is almost three months old! Enjoy these, you'll see nothing cuter, at least until I post more!!

just some bragging

Moses is amazing! He is so loving and caring and sensitive! We have so much fun during the day. His latest phrase is "where are you?" so whenever I leave the room or when he wakes up from his nap he says, "mama, where are you?" It is SO cute!! Today, he was such a big boy in the doctor's office! He colored on the paper and got weighed and measured and he even let the dr. and nurse pick him up without freaking out. He got a shot and cried, but he told the nurse thank you while hugging me...melt my heart! Ok enough bragging, moses is calling me from his room, "mama, where are you?"