Forrest Life

This is a simple blog. Its about our life. Thanks for reading!
Moses is fully potty trained!! It was like magic. I put him through potty bootcamp and he decided he did not like being wet. So, now he uses the potty. He even sleeps with no diaper!! The first couple nights he woke up in the night saying, "mama, mama, potty, hurts, potty" so i took him, he went and he then went back to sleep. It was amazing. He's not so keen on public potties, but then who really is. But he's good at holding it, almost too good.
I'm so proud of him and he's just soo cute!

Silly time!

We have been having a lot of serious time and stressful time. But just before bedtime is when the silliness comes out! We have baths and then its onto the bed for storytime and cuddling. Its my favorite time of the day when we all get to be together and love each other.

I BAKED!!! I baked and it worked! I made this cake of blocks for Haven's first birthday and was so pleased at the way it came out.

This is me on my birthday. Mike took me to my favorite pizza place in Minneapolis. We had such a fun date! We went to the sculpture garden (the cherry on the spoon) and walked around without our kids! I love birthdays and am so thankful for my life and all the people that make it wonderful!

Here are some pictures of our amazing family!! We got to meet with one of my greatest friends/college roommate who lives in wisconsin. It was so much fun to see her and her family. She has two kids almost the exact ages of moses and Elie. Her husband took these pictures of us.

Sylas and Moses