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Photo shoot!!

Our Elie is almost three months old! Enjoy these, you'll see nothing cuter, at least until I post more!!

just some bragging

Moses is amazing! He is so loving and caring and sensitive! We have so much fun during the day. His latest phrase is "where are you?" so whenever I leave the room or when he wakes up from his nap he says, "mama, where are you?" It is SO cute!! Today, he was such a big boy in the doctor's office! He colored on the paper and got weighed and measured and he even let the dr. and nurse pick him up without freaking out. He got a shot and cried, but he told the nurse thank you while hugging me...melt my heart! Ok enough bragging, moses is calling me from his room, "mama, where are you?"

Baby Elie Grace

This is my sweet baby Elie Grace one month ago. I don't have recent pictures on my computer right now.

I haven't really felt connected to Elie since she was born. I love her and have so much compassion for her. But she is so independent and hardly ever cries, so I don't really feel needed. Until today, we had to go to the doctor for two month shots. (I always dread shots cause I always try to be so strong, but it never works.) The nurse was amazing and so quick! She had the first shot finished before I even knew she had started it. But Elie knew, my poor baby cried so hard and her face was so red! When she was done she let me pick her up and hold her and cuddle with her, she never does that with me!! I was so happy to finally feel needed from her. Then when we got home, Moses went to bed and I laid on my bed with my baby girl and we talked and laughed and connected with each other, then she fell asleep with so much content.

Thank you Jesus for two amazing babies that will one day love and serve you!


This is Jody and Corell. They are engaged. I had so much fun photographing them, I think they are pros. Jody is in college and Corell works at a hospital and they are so in love, its cute. We walked around the little town about a mile from where I live and got some really great shots! Thanks Jody and Corell for being so great!