Forrest Life

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So Proud!

Today, Moses went poo on the potty!!! It didn't even take 20 mins. He sat there for about 7 mins while I cleaned the bathroom and he drank some milk, then out it came!! I was so proud! He didn't tell me he had to go, I can usually tell. But I think he understands, with the help of a small amount of Lindt chocolate of course! So proud of you baby Moses!!

This picture is from about 2 months ago, he's a little bigger now

Life Life Life

Our family has been praying for a long time about our direction and vision for our lives. We have been in a wonderful place of serving and living at peace with our families and learning so much about each other since we got married in 2006, had a baby in 2007, and are now due for another in about four weeks!!
A couple months ago Mike decided to take a step toward attending school. He had already found one that is perfect for what he would like to do in ministry and for a career. So, I told him he should wait until he was sure he wanted to go before he applied so we wouldn't waste the application fee. But when he went on the website they were waiving the application fee for fall students! God was already there waiting for us to take the steps. We decided to take this first step and wait on the Lord, not stirring up desires that were not from Him.
After a few weeks we found out he was accepted and they transferred almost every credit he has already earned at Southeastern! Now we were ready for step two. Where could we live? What jobs could Mike have to support us, and how can this work? Everyday we had to keep turning our gaze from the world back to Jesus, we know that He provides and have faith that He will. As we were looking for apartments, Mike called the school to ask a bunch of questions. He talked to the housing department and listen to what God did for us: As soon as he asked the guy about married housing, the guy said, "you called at just the right time!" They had just decided to have married housing and when Mike asked about kids he told him that we would just have to put in a request. They have two-bedroom, apartment style dorms that are right across the street from campus! God really does provide. So our faith is boosted and we are trusting that He is looking out for us.

Our next step is to have a baby. Then we'll focus on moving and taking care of trip details. God is excellent and His ways are totally different from ours, Praise Him!