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Moses faces

Moses Post

I'm practicing my photography more and more. Which means I have more and more pictures to sort through. I feel like I'm growing though. These days I'm trying to use the manual setting and figure out how to use the histogram on my camera! I met with a photographer last week and she gave me some really great tips. So, I'm excited to see what I can do. Here are some shots of Moses playing with the ABC crayons.

Special Times

Elie is growing up right before my eyes! When we moved here she was only about four months old. Now she's starting to walk and forming words and asking "what's that?" I can't believe it. She is hilarious and knows it, she is sweet and knows exactly what she wants most of the time. I love watching you grow baby girl!

This is our special handshake! Elie crosses her fingers and reaches them out to me and I meet them with mine. Then we say "oh!"

The faces.

This is the face Elie makes when the light shines in her eyes to focus on her face. I LOVE IT!!!

A little kitchen work

One of my favorite parts of being a creative person is cooking!! It indulges all of the senses. It enables me to put effort into something and have near immediate gratification and even validation as a person who loves to make things and make people happy. Here are a few new things we cooked up this week in our kitchen:

I think that Minnesotans love rhubarb because it is the first-fruit of a summer veggie garden. I put this together when I realized my strawberries were trying to go bad. They were rescued and a wonderful treat came about:

Cupcakes are always a welcome treat here! Moses and I whipped these up during Elie's morning nap. Moses loves to cook with me and help stir. He separates the cupcake papers while I put all the ingredients together and get out the mixer. Then we bake and enjoy with some cold milk!

{A wonderful topping as an alternative for cupcakes: mix equal parts cinnamon and cocoa powder, sprinkle on before baking.}