Forrest Life

This is a simple blog. Its about our life. Thanks for reading!


Special Day

Yesterday was a special day. This is a photo of four generations! Yesterday was my grandma's birthday! I always feel so special when I talk to her or am with her. She is an amazing, hard-working woman and I love her. She is also my most faithful reader. So I want to say, Happy Birthday Bamma!!! I love you!!

scrunchy nose!

So, Elie has this runny little nose and she keeps trying to clear it and making this face!! It is sooo funny. There is a picture of my mom holding me as a baby and I'm making this same exact face! I love it!

Joy and Shaun Maternity photos

This is Joy and Shaun. I took their wedding and engagement pictures last year and now a baby!! I'm sad I won't be able to photograph their new baby. Congrats guys!!


Here are a few pictures from our trip up to MN!!! Mike got a job today at an ice arena, Praise the Lord!!!

We Made It!

Well, we made it here to MN a few days ago and everything went well. We stopped twice on the way up, making our trip three days of driving! Moses and Elie did so well driving. Elie slept almost the entire time and Moses played and slept and ate bags of chips! Our "basement home" is great, and we're enjoying living with our friends mike and keri. Moses Loves having five other brothers and sisters to play with. He keeps asking about grandma and paw paw and mi mi and papa and "Nonna" and jesse and jayden. Its cute. I'll post some pictures of our place soon, our computer won't connect right now so I'll have to do it when it starts working again.