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6 months!

My Elie Grace is 6 month old! She is so amazing. She laughs and smiles all the time and is such a sweet little baby its hard to put her down all day long. Enjoy these photos...there's nothing cuter!

overdue update!!

My mom came to visit us a little over a week ago and it was such a wonderful time. We got to go to the zoo, have a birthday for Moses, and just have some quality play time together. It was so refreshing to have someone familiar around and also some help during the day! Here are a few of our photos from Moses' birthday trip to the zoo:

sleeping beauty

she's growing growing growing!

Girly girl!

The inner girly girl in me has come out since I had a baby girl. I'm all about accessories and pink and cute things for Elie. My college roomate has always been this way and when we lived together definitely influenced me. She has introduced me to a website that makes the Cutest hair accessories for girls. A Christmas present for Elie maybe?