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A little spring

In the middle of winter, I always long for spring. I found this picture of some tulips I grew a couple springs ago. Thank you Jesus for the hope of what is to come. Last night in youth group Mike taught about faith being the assurance of things hoped for. I love how God created bulbs to be planted in the winter and then when the ground gets warm enough the beautiful little green shoots start poking out of the ground. I'm also thankful for the waiting period. If there were no waiting there would be no hope and then there would be no excitement about anything!! So, thank you that tulips take all winter to bloom, and thank you for babies that take nine months to form! Thank you Jesus for the hope of your calling and that one day you're coming back!


Brianna said...
January 15, 2009 at 4:37:00 PM EST

I'm glad you thought of me when you posted this pic. With our -20 degree weather I could use "a little spring." Love you.