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For the love of...

Like most mornings, I was feeding my children breakfast, all the while, I was restricting myself from using the bathroom. Like any good mother I was waiting until I could get them properly settled with enough food to satisfy them for a while (their needs first?). Ultimately a selfish gesture so that I could spend as much time in the bathroom as I wanted. But of course my waiting backfired. The kids were settled with cheerios and I bolted. Down the dark hall I went, turned left into the dark bathroom and... WHAM!!!! Another small gesture of my kind motherhood, shutting the door so that my 13 month old would not crawl in there and die of some disease or fall into the toilet. Needless to say I was embarrassed and hurting a little. But I made it to the toilet. So, you’re welcome children for your breakfast and all the small “sacrifices” made to make your life better. I love you.

No, we didn't have spaghetti for breakfast. But baby spaghetti pictures are the best!