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A little kitchen work

One of my favorite parts of being a creative person is cooking!! It indulges all of the senses. It enables me to put effort into something and have near immediate gratification and even validation as a person who loves to make things and make people happy. Here are a few new things we cooked up this week in our kitchen:

I think that Minnesotans love rhubarb because it is the first-fruit of a summer veggie garden. I put this together when I realized my strawberries were trying to go bad. They were rescued and a wonderful treat came about:

Cupcakes are always a welcome treat here! Moses and I whipped these up during Elie's morning nap. Moses loves to cook with me and help stir. He separates the cupcake papers while I put all the ingredients together and get out the mixer. Then we bake and enjoy with some cold milk!

{A wonderful topping as an alternative for cupcakes: mix equal parts cinnamon and cocoa powder, sprinkle on before baking.}